Monday, 27 May 2013

Multiple Sclerosis Trust Secret Art Show

Any members who are interested in getting an objective view of their work or simply wish to help a good cause may be interested in participating in, viewing, or otherwise supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Trust's Secret Art Show.  

The first Secret Art Show was held in York during Winter 2010 and raised £20,000 for the MS Trust.  The show has now moved online to allow more people to participate.  This year's event launches June 24th, with the sale starting from 9:00am on Monday 1st July.  All funds raised will go to support the work of the MS Trust.

All entries should measure 12cm x 12cm ( that's four and six-eighths of an inch square in old money ) -  or roughly the size of the inlay card from a compact disc.   Work is displayed and sold anonymously at a fixed price of £45.  The identity of the artist is only revealed when a piece is sold.

Thanks to YAS member Judith Pollock for drawing our attention to this worthy event.

You can read more about the Secret Art Show and get entry details from and

Or you can contact Sally Day at the address below
       Multiple Sclerosis Trust
       Spirella Building
       Bridge Road
       Letchworth Garden City
       SG6 4ET
                  telephone 01462 476700     fax 01462 476710

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