Monday, 13 May 2013

What we did on our (Bank) Holidays 2 - The Giant Rocking Horse of Fangfoss

Last week we asked members to let us know how they spent the recent May Bank Holiday. So it was great to hear from Shirley Davis Dew who told us about her participation in the Pocklington and Area Open Studios, during which she sold four paintings and lots of cards.

The weather was beautiful last weekend, so this was an ideal opportunity for visitors to explore Shirley's Garden Studios at Fangfoss.  If you missed the chance to visit, or simply want to see more of Shirley's work, you can check out her own web site.

Shirley is part of the Rocking Horse shop at Fangfoss, so this was also a chance to view Bigger Bertie, the biggest hand carved rocking horse in the world., before he goes off to London next month.  You can read more about Bertie here.

By the way, if you read last week's entry about the Stillingfleet Scarecrow Festival you might be curious about the outcome of Judith's entry.  We're now pleased to report she secured an impressive second place, beaten only by a collective of 4 scarecrows enacting a Wizard of Oz theme.

Don't forget there's another Bank Holiday at the end of this month, so let us know of any exhibitions or events you're planning.

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