Saturday, 8 June 2013

Monthly challange

In response to suggestions at today's demonstration it has been decided to have a challenge each month.  This month's challenge is the study of Notan structure.

Notan is essentially the breaking down of a picture into it's light and dark components. Notan may have
  • simply black and white (two value Notan).
  • black, white and grey (three value Notan)
  • or black, white, light grey and dark grey (four value Notan).
Notan drawings should be small (two inch approx. recommended) displaying only general areas of tone, no detail.  They are quick to draw and many variations can be made in a short space of time.

Your Challenge for June 

From the following picture
  • Produce 6 different Notan drawings.
  • Crop the picture in any way you wish.
  • Move elements to improve composition.

The Reading Cafe in Rowntree Park, York
email your results to

Results will be posted in early July.  If you decide to do a painting afterwards, send that in too.

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