Monday, 14 October 2013

Handing-in Day at the 198th Exhibition

An early start and a busy morning as our Autumn exhibition starts to take shape.   Display screens, the first volunteers and copious amount of coffee arrived at 8:00am prompt and the long day began.

This is a grand venue - a beautifully lit large main room.  In fact, so large it looked intimidatingly empty when we first arrived and started to put the displays up.   But throughout the morning there was a steady procession of artists calling by to drop off their entries, and by lunch time the screens were filling up nicely and a generous assortment of cards and prints were appearing in the spinner racks.

The De Grey Rooms are a wonderful part of our city. We're so excited to be exhibiting here for the first time and hoping this will be a wonderful event and the start of a long relationship.

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