Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sculpture at Leeds Art Gallery

The Age of Innocence: Replicating the Ideal Portrait in the New Sculpture Movement
Leeds Art Gallery
25 July – 20 October 2013
Free entry.

A selection of key works from the New Sculpture Movement are used to examine notions of the 'ideal' in female portraits and head studies.

Edward Onslow Ford 'Meditation' n.d. [after 1886] Platinotype print
Long before celebrity magazines and airbrushed size zero models, notions of what constituted 'the ideal female form' were perpetuated through portraits and sculpture. It wasn't until the late nineteenth-century that a group of artists decided to refocus their efforts on realism, emotion and sensuality, signalling a landmark change in the practice of British sculpture.

Bringing together a selection of the most influential works from the New Sculpture Movement, the display traces a series of key portraits across their renderings in plaster, marble and bronze. Papers and a selection of materials relating to the works will be on display for the first time, including original studio photographs of the sculptures and artists' correspondence.

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