Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Looking Back at the 199th Exhibition

Just over a week since we closed the doors on an incredibly successful 199th Exhibition at the De Grey rooms, so this is an ideal time to look back on the highlights of that week and who better to describe them than the lady who made the event a reality ........ so over to our esteemed exhibition secretary, Shannon Morgan  ...........

Another exhibition comes to an end, and it’s time to look at how we did and, more importantly, to take a moment to reflect and thank everyone who worked so hard to make it such a success.

Handing in day is always a bit fraught, but the set-up team did an exceptional job and everything ran smoothly. The guys   [ Ron, Peter B., Alan, Rex, David Peter C., and Dan ] all stepped forward and set-up the boards in record time… and then stayed on to help get works hung.  The girls  [ Christine, Jackie, Julie, Fiona, Lin, Caroline, Jelena, Judith and June H ] did an amazing job as well, getting everyone’s works, cards and prints checked-in and ready for hanging… then jumping in and working with the guys to get everything finished and ready for the preview in record time.  And it wasn’t just quick… it was exceptionally well done.

We were fortunate to get Robert Brindley as our Selector.  He arrived in the early afternoon and spent several hours carefully considering all of the works as he made his choices.  A number of members had works commended or praised but ultimately Sector's Choice was awarded to Tom Whaley’s for “Kerry a Campagne”.  You can view that here if you missed it on the night.

Over 170 people attended the preview evening which was opened with style and humour by our own George Smith, MBE.  Entertainment was provided by William “Billy” Bills, whose music added enjoyment and warmth to the festivities, and at the end of the evening the public choose “Summer” by Fred Corrigan as their preview favourite.

We had lovely weather through the week and a record crowd… which also gave us some record results. We sold 24 original works, numerous cards and prints and took in over £3,400 in sales (including brisk takings from the café over the Easter weekend).

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered to Steward (some of them covering more than one session!), your help behind the desk makes sure everything runs smoothly and is greatly appreciated!

There are also four members whom I would like to specifically thank for all of their dedication and support. 

The first is June Whittaker, who was there most days and served solidly and cheerfully on the front door, making sure people were received by a smiling face and a warm welcome. She really made sure that people got a good first impression as they entered our exhibition and found their way upstairs safely.

The second is June Hardy, who took it upon herself to be responsible for the café over the three day holiday weekend. The cakes were amazing, the customers were smiling, and the whole experience was a really positive contribution to our exhibition event.

The third is our Chairman, Peter Cooke, who made sure he was on-site to provide support when I wasn’t able to be there, and the fourth is Tony Howson who makes sure that all of our financial bases are covered. Their support made my job much less stressful!

So, now looking forward to our 200th in October - and believe me that's much, much closer than it might sound on a beautiful spring day like today -  so please let me know if you have any ideas for event or activities that we could undertake to make it extra special. It will be here before you know it!

And most importantly… keep painting! Without your amazing talents, we would have no exhibition at all.

....    and thanks to Shannon for an exemplary lesson in putting on a great show.  We'll be returning to the De Grey Rooms in the autumn and would like to repeat her request for ideas for our 200th show.  We'd also love to hear from any members with memories of exhibitions in years gone by or in fact any interesting details or anecdotes from the society's history.   Mail them in to the usual blog update address yorkartsociety@yahoo.co.uk or speak to a member of the committee at one of the demonstrations or workshops.

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