Friday, 22 August 2014

Help Us Celebrate Our 200th Exhibition

As you will know from the most recent newsletter, we’re organising a sale of small “artworks” to celebrate the society’s 200th exhibition later this year.  We are asking all members, and selected guests, to produce a small work of art to donate to the Society for display and to sell at the exhibition.

We are providing everyone with a small plaque which can be painted or have other artwork attached to it. You don’t have to produce a miniaturist painting, you can decorate the plaque in any way you like – create a bold statement with abstract colours - cartoons, calligraphy and collage are all acceptable.  We will glue magnets on the back of the plaques to display them, so they won’t be framed; although the purchasers may choose to frame them. (This isn’t a “Secret Art Show” so you can sign the front of your plaque)

We are aiming to have 200 diverse “mini works of art” , slightly more than the current membership numbers, so we will need a little help to reach our target.

If you’re a member of the society and haven’t received a plaque, would like another, or would like to contribute as a guest artist please contact Julie Lightburn.

There will be prizes for the “best” and “most imaginative” pieces, but also all entries will be entered into a draw so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

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