Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Past

Keeping with the spirit of some of our earlier posts, a final run through of Christmas images from bygone holiday seasons.

Home thoughts from abroad in the December 1914 edition of the Union Jack
 (and note the classic 'snow on the logo' effect)

Much brighter times in 1925

and a Radio Times from the same year

J C Lyendecker's 'Night Before Christmas'
December 1936

Greyhound bus advert 1945
"Home for Christmas" was a favourite theme that first year
of peace for obvious reasons  

Wonderful non-PC Christmas advert from the mid 1950s 

1958 - the classic years of advertising art
(because nothing says I Love You like a boxed set of Mad Men 

First Peanuts animated short, December 1965
(and probably repeated every year since)
Charles Schultz

Earthrise on Christmas Day 1968 ( from Apollo 8 )

Christmas 1973
.. but Bing Crosby on the cover ??   Seriously ??

Danish stamps from the same year

Wild Thing
Cover of the Rolling Stone by Maurice Sendak
December 1976 

Never Mind the Baubles !
Christmas 1977 

Christmas 1989
The wall comes down ......... 

,,,,,, and The  Simpsons are here 

Classic Tim Burton 1993 Animation 

Thank you .... and good night !

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