Sunday, 11 January 2015

Nous ne sommes pas Spartacus !

Sitting here on a pleasant, if cold, Sunday afternoon in York it's hard to believe, and even harder to ignore, the tragic news that has been coming out of Paris over the last few days.

Most of us are still dealing with the shock, but inevitably the political manoeuvring has already begun.  Tragedy makes strange bedfellows. Amidst the grief I imagine the survivors among the Charlie Hebdo staff are bemused at the sight of many of their former satirical targets jumping on the "Je suis Charlie" bandwagon, or at the international newspapers that claim solidarity but still refuse to reproduce the offending cartoons.  Perhaps it's not even necessary as, in this digital age, we are all perpetually only three clicks away from enlightenment or offence.  Sometimes those two can be the same thing.

York Art Society has no political alignment and members are free to draw their own conclusions.  For now, we just reflect on 20 lives lost and the sobering thought that even in the 21st century people can be moved to murder over simple pictures.

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