Sunday, 26 April 2015

Exhibition Guidelines

With the exhibition now less than a month away, it seems timely to post a reminder of the guidelines.

If you're planning on entering work on May 25th, please take five minutes to familiarise yourself with the rules below.  These can also be downloaded from our website along with the entry form.



1. Members will be notified of exhibition dates and times through all YAS communication channels (website, blog, newsletter, demonstrations).

2. Entry forms will have details for submission and collection of works. Members are responsible for adhering to these dates and times.

3. Three works may be submitted for selection and all decisions are final.

4. Work selected for hanging (or reserve) must remain in the exhibition for the entire duration of the exhibition. The only exception to this rule is the removal of purchased works by the public.

5. All able-bodied exhibiting members are expected to assist in supporting the exhibition through setting up, dismantling or stewarding during the exhibition.

6. The Society tries to minimize the risk of theft or damage, but accepts no responsibility for damaged or stolen work (this includes cards and prints). It is recommended that Members arrange their own insurance.

7. The Society will take a 25% commission from the sale of all items to assist with financing of the exhibition.


1. The following types of work are inadmissible for submission and display as part of the main exhibition:

  • Works that cannot be safely displayed on the Society boards due to size, weight or construction (peg boards are approximately 100 cm Height x 220 cm Width) 
  • Works that have already been exhibited in previous YAS exhibitions 
  • Printed reproductions of original artworks (such as giclĂ©e) 
  • Works which do not meet framing and presentation guidelines 
  • Works that infringe copyright guidelines 
2. Etchings and original printmaking are acceptable. Etchings must show their plate indentations.

3. Cards, prints and unframed originals can be submitted for sale and will be displayed separately.


1. All works must be securely framed (well-presented box canvases are acceptable).

2. Frames and mounts should be to a professional standard.

3. Metal, glass and Perspex clip frames are not acceptable.

4. Works must be strung and ready to hang (using eyelets/D-rings and picture cord or wire).

5. The cord/wire should be fixed a third of the way down the sides of the frame, and the cord/wire should be securely knotted and taut. This will allow the picture to cover the hook on the screen when hung.

6. The use of simple, neutral-coloured frames is strongly encouraged. 7. Oil paints and varnishes should be thoroughly dry.

8. Each work should be labeled on the back with the following information. Artist’s Name Membership No. Title of Work Price or NFS Medium (oil, watercolour, etc.) Please do not stick any labels on the front of the work.


Copying the work of other artists (or photographers) can have legal implications and must be avoided. The best way to avoid copyright infringement is to paint pictures directly from the subject, your own sketches or photographs you have taken yourself.

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