Sunday, 31 May 2015

Final Day of the 201st Exhibition

Well, that's the end of our spring exhibition at the De Grey Rooms.   After a steady stream of visitors across the week we closed at 3pm this afternoon.  Thanks to everyone who assisted in the clean up, we had all unsold work collected and the boards dis-assembled by the end of the afternoon.
Turner has just left the building ......
Post-exhibition clean-up time.

In total we sold 25 framed pictures from the exhibition, plus a substantial number of cards, prints and unframed originals.

Thanks once again to Shannon Morgan for masterminding the event.  We'd also like to extend our gratitude to to all participating members, everyone else who came along to support and to Caitlin and her crew at the De Grey Rooms.  We hope to be back there for our 202nd show later this year,

That just leaves the cashing up and number crunching.  Any members who made a sale can expect their cheques in the  post by June 13th.

Your treasurer crunching the numbers
We'll always have two Ape Knees to rub together

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