Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Blank Canvas Project

Blank Canvas is run by a charity called Skippko Arts, who have a portfolio of empty shops on temporary short term lets (between 2-3 weeks each) for art related exhibitions and functions.

Last Wednesday they were holding an 'open day so Phil Hart went along to have a look at the latest shop to be available and find out a little more.

The latest shop on 4-6 Gillygate, opposite Bootham, is huge and probably something like half the area of the DeGrey Rooms venue that we used for our last few exhibitions.

Blank Canvas charge a token fee of around £20 per week for each vacant shop on their books. They cover all electricity used,  Exhibitors may consider insuring their work but there are no other hidden costs. Once the fee has been exhchanged for the keys, Exhibitors cam open whatever days and times they prefer.

There will be plenty of other shops coming up in future.  Shops are always completely empty and would need display boards, seats, tables, etc. to make them work.

This looks like a very cheap way to get work exhibited in prime locations and could be a good substitute for the 'open air' exhibitions that used to take place.

Blank Canvas prefer a group to take part rather than an individual so we  are asking Members to let us know if there is any interest in a joint trial if a suitable venue comes up in a good spot. We would need volunteers to help set-up and manage through the letting period. Please send your thoughts and comments to so the Committee can decide whether this would be a viable project.

If you want to find out more try these links

or go along to the next open day on Tuesday at StoneBow House.

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