Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Artists in York Open Studios 2016

You may recall that a few days ago we congratulated June Hardy and Bernadette Oliver on their selection for York Open Studios 2016.  We're now pleased to announce that Shannon Morgan, Jelena Lunge, Glynis Learmonth and Julie Lightburn will also be participating in next year's event.

Here's some recent work from Julie that was used in her YOS application.  Forest Fields will be at the upcoming Landscape Exhibition.  You can hopefully catch the other two pieces at our own 202nd Autumn Exhibition from October 26th onwards.

Daisies by the Lake III

Forest Fields
Julie Lightburn

Hidden Treasures
Julie Lightburn

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  1. I have also been accepted by Open Studios 2016. I was in Canada when I got the news and unable to let the Society know.