Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Secret Art Show 2016

It's almost time for the 2016 Secret Art Show.

For the last seven years the MS Trust has been inviting artists to submit small pieces of art that are then auctioned anonymously.  Over this time more than £100,000 has been raised to help the MS Trust continue to provide information and support services.

This year more than 470 works from 250 artists are being displayed.  All works are roughly the size of a CD * case insert (approx 13cm x 14cm) and are priced at £45.  Many of the entries are from established artists whose work sells for considerably more, so here's your chance to snap up a bargain.

On-line viewing starts tomorrow, 11th April and sales open the following week on the 18th.

Images shown above are from last year's show.  This year's entries will be unveiled shortly on the official site, so please visit and support the event.  You can also find out how to participate as an artist in future shows.

* P.S.  As I know all YAS members embrace cutting edge digital technology, I should probably remind you that CDs were the format on which we used to purchase music in the sepia-tinted days before the Internet enriched all our lives.

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