Past Demonstrations

Past Demonstrations

Annual General Meeting
Saturday 10th June
     No demonstration this month

John Harrison
Saturday 13th May
Line And Wash

Heather Dixon
Saturday 8th April

Vicki Norman
Saturday 11th March
Adventures in Oil

Carol White
Saturday 11th February
Bluebells in Watercolour

Sue Ford
Saturday 14th January
Pastels Landscape

Philip Boville
Saturday 10th December
Fire and Light in Acrylic

Charles Evans
Saturday 12th November
Landscape in Watercolour

Richard Holland
Saturday, 8th October
Landscape in Oil

Robert Hughes
Saturday, 10th September
Landscape in Acrylic

Summer Break - No Meeting
No Demonstration this month.

Ronnie Ireland
Saturday, 9th July
Every Picture Tells a Story

Annual General Meeting.
Saturday, 18th June
** No Demonstration this month **

Rob Fathers
Saturday, 14th May
Trees in the Landscape in Gouache

Sue Sareen
Saturday, 9th April
Watercolour Figures

Norman Rossiter
Saturday, 12th March 2016
Animals in Acrylics

Paul Talbot-Greaves
Saturday, 13 Feb 2016
Big, bold, expressive landscapes in watercolour

Cath Inglis
Saturday, 09 Jan 2016
Pastels - Still life

John Hassall
Saturday, 12 Dec 2015
Acrylics with brush and palette knife  -  Skies and seas

Mike Skidmore
Saturday, 14 Nov 2015
Portrait in Oils

Chris Wormald
Saturday, 10 Oct 2015

David Wilcox
Saturday, 12 Sep 2015
Art Profile - David Wilcox

summer break - no meeting in August

11th July 2015
Sonia Bacchus

13th June 2015
Stephen Coates
Reflections in WaterColour

23rd May 2015  Annual General Meeting - no demonstration

11th April 2015
Susan Neale

14th March 2015
Norman Long Landscapes in Watercolour

14th February 2015
Joe Hush Landscapes in Acrylics

10th January 2015
Robert Brindley Coastal Scene in Watercolour

13th December 2014
Tony Hogan - Acrylics
Original advertised event - Niamh Hanlon Staithes in Watercolour - cancelled

8th November 2014
Tim Rose Architecture in Watercolour

11th October 2014
Paul Blackwell Landscape in Oils

20th September 2014
Phil Biggs Traditional Watercolour Landscape

9th August
No Meeting - Summer Break

12th July 2014
Jane Duke Portrait in Watercolour

14th June 2014
Sean Terrington-Wright Creating Atmospheric Watercolours

10th May 2014
No Demonstration - YAS Annual General Meeting

12th April 2014
Fraser Scarfe Landscape using Atelier Interactive Acrylics

8th March 2014
Dermot Cavanagh Watercolour Landscape

8th February 2014
Sue Ford Collage Subject to be decided

11th January 2014
John Connolly Acrylic Seascape and Woodlands

14th December 2013
Haidee-Jo Summers Acrylic Flowers Still Life

9th November 2013
Stephen Coates  Reflections in Watercolour

12th October 2013
Geoff Kersey Watercolour Snowy Landscape

21st September 2013
Graham Laughton Pastel Landscape

13th July 2013
Trevor Lingard Watercolour Bring Life and Movement to your Painting

8th June 2013
Chris Tkacz Oil Landscape

13th April 2013
Gareth Watling Watercolour British Bird Painting

16th March 2013
Carol Hill Landscapes in Oil

9th February 2013
Vivienne Cawson Watercolour Spring Flowers

12th January 2013
Jeremy Ford Painting the Seasons in Pastel

8th December 2012
Terry Harrison Acrylic Coastal Scenes

10th November 2012
Sue Slack.

13th October 2012
Susan Neale Painted Trees in Mixed Media.
"After graduating with a BA in Art & Design from Harrow Art College London, my professional career was primarily concerned with illustration for publishing and advertising, specialising in figurative work. My preferred medium is watercolour, which for me captures the essence and quality of a subject through the jewel-like reflection of light and colour on paper. I am redefining my translation of a subject through the use of other complimentary mediums and textures. The manipulation of the paper surface having an on-going fascination for me."

8th September 2012
Neil McGregor Portrait Demonstration.
"Neil trained at Norwich School of Art over 25 years ago, and since that time has worked as a practising artist, lecturer and museum curator. He has a particular interest in painting and drawing techniques, specifically the techniques employed during the 18th century by artists like Gainsborough and Hogarth."

14th July 2012
Trevor Lingard A Loose Approach to Watercolour.
"Born in the Lancashire mill town of Accrington, in 1952, Trevor lives in the picturesque village of Sabden nestled in the historic witch country of Pendle Hill by the Ribble Valley. He is a professional artist, tutor and demonstrator of his preferred medium of watercolour. The characteristic economy of detail and the use of a limited palette awards his paintings with a sense of ambience and immediacy. He is inspired by Edward Seago and Sir William Russel Flint, and over more recent years by the renowned artists Trevor Chamberlain, John Yardley and Ken Howard. Trevor Lingards reputation is consolidating nationally, his paintings are exclusive, each one is unique, original and has the distinctive hallmark style."

9th June 2012
Tim Morrison Crosshatching - Colour and Tonality in Ink.

21st April 2012
David Bellamy Watercolour Mountain Landscape

10th March 2012
Fiona Peart Watercolour Painting with Strong Tonal Contrast

11th February 2012
Sue Deighton Landscape: Bright and Bold Acrylic

14th January 2012
Robert Hughes Snow Scene in Watercolour
"Bob is a self-taught artist and has been painting and drawing for as long as he can remember, he paints traditional subjects but specialise in portraiture. His favourite medium is oil paints but he is familiar with most other mediums including watercolour, acrylic, coloured pencils, pastel pencils, pastel, etc.
These last couple of years have seen a major change in Roberts' way of painting partially due to the limited amount of space at home. His new medium is "Digital", painting with pixels if you like, now his workstation comprises of a solid office desk, a G5 PowerMac computer, two monitors, a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet and an A4 printer with a facility to print directly onto printable CDs or DVDs.
Does all this new technology mean that he has given up on the traditional mediums altogether? Not on your life, if anything it has given him more power to express himself. When he is teaching he still use traditional mediums such as watercolour, pastel pencils, pastels, pencil etc, after all, what is art?'s creating images using any material you can lay your hands on, isn't it...?"

10th December 2011
Griff Griffiths Watercolour Coastal Scenes

12th November 2011
Nigel Overton Drawing and Painting Flowers with Watercolour Pencil
"Nigel was born in Doncaster in 1952, He has an extensive background in the Arts field, including a BA in Fine Art Painting and Drawing and was formerly the Head of Art & Design at Benton Park School in Leeds. He has worked with a wide range of different media and techniques but has always maintained his belief in the importance of drawing both within his own work and his teaching of Art and Design. Nigel believes that anyone can learn to draw and paint given the proper tuition. It is more to do with careful observation and a basic understanding of technique rather than just natural talent."

8th October 2011
Cath Inglis Animals in Pastel
"Catherine is a professional artist working from her studio in Skirpenbeck, a small village east of York. Catherine works predominantly in soft pastels with a wide variety of subjects and is well known for her wildlife work. She specialises in commission work for portraits and animal portraits. She has regularly exhibited in the Westminster Gallery and The Mall Galleries London, also with The Kennel Club Art Gallery, London. She exhibits widely throughout the U.K. and has held several joint and solo exhibitions. In 2005 she was elected to full membership of the Society of Women Artists. Her work hangs in many areas of the UK, also In Europe, South Africa, Australia and the USA. She is included in Who's Who in Art.
Catherine is a founder member of ERA, East Riding Artists, also a founder member of The East Riding Pastel Society and a Promoter and Professional Associate of the Society for All Artists for which she is also a demonstrator."

10th September 2011
Jim Patteson (Two Rivers Paper) Handmade Watercolour Paper
"Two Rivers was formed in 1976 and has been run and located at Pitt Mill, Somerset, UK since 1990. It's one of a handful of commercial handmills still operating in Europe. The owner/manager is Jim Patterson, a fourth generation paper maker who has spent his entire working life in the paper industry, in larger mills both in England and abroad, including Wansborough Paper Company in Watchet.
The mill is over 400 years old and still retains much of the ancient wooden milling machinery. It's been restored over the last 15 years to a working water-powered traditional paper mill, using a 100 year old metal wheel from Wales and an 1841 Hollander Rag-Breaker. The wheel itself is a 10 ft overshot wheel weighing two and a half tons and standing eleven foot high. In combination with the rag breaker, Two Rivers will be the only place in the UK where water power is used to make paper from old rags.
The largest output at Two Rivers is of the famous TR and DeNimes handmade artists paper. This is the paper of choice for many of the country's finest artists. Two Rivers has a unique random surface texture unlike the mechanically even weave of most other branded papers. This also means that there is not a right or wrong side as both sides are identical. It is incredibly hard sized, allowing the painter the luxury of pushing paint around for much longer than with more absorbent artist’s papers. Because the paint is not drawn into the paper the pigment dries to a sharp and brilliant finish. The inclusion of linen in its make-up results in an unusually tough surface which will resist much lifting out, scrubbing and re-working. As well as watercolour, our papers are used for other media including pastels, oils, printmaking, photographic processes and many types of mixed media."
"look to your paper" – JMW Turner

16th July 2011
Nick Summerbell Subjects in Nature - Chinese Brush
"Nick's interest in Oriental Art really began when he spent two years in Hong Kong in 1953. He had quite a collection of Chinese artefacts that had taken some time to collect but was unable to get them home. Years later he gained and A and O level in Western art and was inspired to go back to his first love Chinese Art.
The beautiful handmade paper, organic pigments and wonderful flexible brushes all contribute to the sensuousness of the art from. The use of space is an essential element of the composition allowing the viewers imagination to grow and move through the scene. This creates a sense of energy for the viewers, yet still maintaining a feeling of serenity. It is careful but relaxed work, but it does require a reasonable co-ordination of hand and eye. Once you appreciate this you can come to terms with the spirit of the subject and you really feel part of the scene."
For information on Chinese brush Painting Workshops Phone 01904 555530 or 01904 555531

4th June 2011
Rob Wareing Portrait Painting in Oil
"Rob is an international artist and creates portraits and figure works in both pastels and oils."

9th April 2011
Winifrid Hodge Landscapes in Mixed Media

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