Self Help Groups

The Self Help programme is one of the most popular activities that the society organises.

The group meets regularly in an informal setting to exchange ideas and support each other in practical full day workshops.  The current venue is St Andrew's Church Hall, Bishopthorpe.  The sessions accommodate all types of media and a wide range of talents and skill levels from beginner to experienced.  Whatever your ability or preferred medium, you should feel at home in the relaxed atmosphere of one of these sessions.

Meetings are usually held on a Saturday to make them accessible to the widest number of members. A nominal charge (currently £6) is made to cover hire of the premises.  Attendees provide their own materials and are advised to bring a packed lunch.

More details can be obtained from Lin Taylor.

The Self Help groups are entirely self sustaining and any extra funds generated help the society's wider activities.  YAS is extremely grateful to both Lin Taylor for organising these sessions and to her stalwart group of regular attendees who make them such a success.


  1. Self Help Groups
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